Access from JR Okayama station

1hour bus ride (1,050yen) + 20 minutes walk(1.4km)

If you get lost, please call me at 090-7344-1465. (Masayuki Kida)



English→1604-2 Ueno, Kibi-Chuo, Kaga-gun, Okayama

1. Go to East exit of JR Okayama station.

2. Go to bus terminal No.6.←Check at the station just in case.

3. Take a bus bound for Kibi-kogen-toshi / rehabilitation center

(吉備高原都市/リハビリセンター in Japanese)

*Please note that there are 5-6 buses per day as follows.

*Please confirm with the bus driver that you are on the right bus.

4.Get off the bus at "Ueno-guchi"(上野口 in Japanese)

*It takes approximately 1 hour from Okayama station to Ueno-gichi, and fare is 1,050yen.


Bus schedule departing from JR Okayama station. (in 2023)

【Weekdays】 10:37  13:47  16:37  17:38  18:57

【Weekends and holidays】7:46  14:47  17:07  18:47


【For your return】Bus schedule departing from Ueno-guchi to JR Okayama station

【Weekdays】6:25  7:08  8:55   15:30  18:08

【Weekends and holidays】6:38  9:30  13:10  17:43


*Please see here for details.(sorry in Japanese)

English village access

This is the bus bound for "Kibi-kogen-toshi / rehabilitation center".

English village access

Please get off the bus here "Ueno-guchi" (上野口 in Japanese) after 

1 hour ride from JR Okayama station.

English village access

You can see a T junction in the direction of bus travel.

Turn right at the T junction.

English village access

After walking 300 meters from the T junction, you will find a high school

on your right.

English village access

This is the high school called Kibi-kogen-gakuen high school.

(吉備高原学園高校 in Japanese)

Continue along this road seeing the high school on your right.

English village access

After 150 meters walk from the high school, you will find a junction of three roads.

English village access

Take rightmost fork at intersection. Follow an arrow ponting to 

"Ueno・Hiraoka"(上野・平岡 in Japanese).

English village access

Continue along this road for 500 meters from the arrow sign.

English village access

After 500 meters walk from the arrow, you wll see a small road going up on your left hand.

Please go up to this small road.

*If you don't, you will lose way!

English village access

THis is the small road which you should go up.

English village access

Turn right after a house at the end of small road.

English village access

After turning right, you can find another end of the road.

This is "Nano village".

English village access

You can see a roof of "Nano village". at the end of the road.

English village access

There is a small walking path on the right side of the "Nano village" house.

Please go down the path.

You can see the house on your left.

Please pay attention that there is a sharp cliff on your right.

English village access

Welcome to "Nano village" !

 This is a route from the bus stop(Ueno-guchi) to Nanovillage.